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Undergraduate Alumna Rachel Fink Takes a New Position

Posted on January 13, 2016

Rachel Fink.

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Fink.

From AMERICANTHEATRE.ORG, SAN FRANCISCO: Theatre Bay Area (TBA) has announced that Rachel Fink will assume the position as the nonprofit’s new managing director on Feb. 1.

“Her commitment to leadership in theatre in the Bay Area—and internationally—has proven to be invaluable over many years,” said executive director Brad Erickson in a statement. “I am thrilled that she is joining our organization in this, our 40th anniversary year—a time when we’re taking great strides in executing our new strategic plan. I am honored to be able to work alongside someone so smart, so talented, and so dedicated to and well-connected with the field—both here in the Bay Area and across the country.”


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