2021-22 CWRU Theater Recruitment Events

UPDATED December 16, 2021


February 18 & 19, 2022 – In-Person & Virtual Hybrid Theater Scholarship Weekend

Our newest Scholarship Weekend version: THE HYBRID WEEKEND!

Scholarship applicants will have the opportunity to attend this weekend either in-person, or virtually.

We will hold a hybrid town hall on Friday night and both in-person and virtual auditions

and interviews during the day on Saturday.

Registration for the February Open House is now open.  CLICK HERE to register.


Please check back for details, or email christopher.bohan@case.edu to be added to the mailing list.

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CWRU Undergraduate Theater Scholarships

Case Western Reserve University has made merit-based scholarships available for prospective theater students.  Each year, the Department of Theater awards four full-tuition scholarships to students who intend on majoring in theater, and two $10,000 scholarships to students who intend on minoring in theater, or those interested in pursuing theater as an extracurricular activity at CWRU.


For students intending to major in theater at CWRU, we have FOUR FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS to award.  Each scholarship is a full-tuition, four-year scholarship (room and board not included). To retain the scholarship, the student must declare theater as a major by the end of their freshman year, as well as maintain the stipulated GPA.


For students intending to minor in theater, or pursue theater as an extracurricular activity, we have two $10,000 SCHOLARSHIPS to award.  Each scholarship is a four-year scholarship. To retain the scholarship, students must contribute to theater productions in either a performance, design, or technical capacity on an annual basis, as well as maintain the stipulated GPA.

To be added to our mailing list regarding future CWRU theater scholarship events, please email Professor Chris Bohan at christopher.bohan@case.edu


To compete for one of these scholarships, the prospective student must apply to the university by the traditional route, make an appointment to audition and/or present a portfolio with CWRU Theater Faculty, and complete a CWRU Theater Scholarship Application form (form will be sent once an appointment has been made). Audition and Portfolio requirements are the same for both scholarships.  See specific audition and portfolio requirements below.

Please Note: The audition and portfolio presentation process is for scholarship eligibility only.  If you are admitted to CWRU and want to study theater, but do not receive one of the theater scholarships, you are welcome to study theater with us! Transfer students are not eligible for the scholarship.



Scholarship weekend gives prospective students the opportunity to stay at CWRU for the weekend with a current CWRU theater student. Prospective students will have the opportunity to audition and/or present a portfolio for the scholarship, take a campus tour, participate in an acting or design workshop, attend an undergraduate theater production, meet with faculty and students, and ask questions about the program.  If you wish to be notified regarding registration for Scholarship Weekend, please email Professor Bohan at christopher.bohan@case.edu


Schedule an Individual On-Campus Audition and/or Portfolio Presentation: If you are unable to attend the Scholarship Weekend or Open House events, you may contact Professor Bohan to schedule a time to come to campus for an audition or interview. Deadlines listed below. Individual auditions and/or portfolio presentations are only held during the school week. If you would like to make an appointment, please contact Professor Bohan at christopher.bohan@case.edu


Submit an audition video or electronic portfolio: If you are unable to make it to CWRU’s campus, but would like to be considered for the scholarship you may submit an online application. The theater faculty will review your submission and contact you to schedule a phone/Skype interview.  To submit online please contact Professor Bohan at christopher.bohan@case.edu

IMPORTANT DEADLINES for 2022 Scholarship Eligibility:

January 15, 2022: Deadline to submit your CWRU application

  • You must submit a CWRU application to be eligible for consideration
  • All Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision applicants are eligible
  • You may audition/present portfolio for scholarship before submitting CWRU application

February 1, 2022: Deadline to submit video audition/digital portfolio

  • If you are not able to make it to campus for an in-person audition/presentation, you must submit your audition video or portfolio documents by February 1, 2022
  • February 20, 2022: Deadline for in-person auditions/interviews
  • By Feb. 20, 2022 you must have either attended Scholarship Weekend, Theater Open House, scheduled an individual audition/presentation, or submitted an audition video/portfolio

Scholarship Audition/Portfolio Requirements

Applicants may present material for multiple disciplines

Acting: Candidates interested in focusing on the acting concentration are asked to select, memorize, and prepare ONE monologue of their choosing. Selection can be from a contemporary or classic play and should not exceed two minutes in length. You may also prepare 16 bars of any song, but this is not required. There will not be an accompanist, so you may sing a cappella or with a device.

Directing: For candidates interested in the directing concentration, a portfolio presentation is needed.  Your portfolio should consist of the following: 1) A one-page resume documenting your theater experience (directing, acting, playwriting, design, stage management, etc).  2) A 1-2 page Director’s Concept for a published play or musical that you would be interested in directing, detailing your vision for the show (characters, moods and tones, visual aspects) and what you would want the audience to take away from the production in terms of its central themes and ideas.  3) Production photos from previous projects you have directed (if applicable, not required). Candidates should be prepared to speak about their interest and passion for directing, as well as their previous directing and/or theatre experience.

Dramatic Writing/Playwriting: Students interested in the dramatic writing/playwriting concentration should submit a 20 page sample of their work in either playwriting or screenwriting (or both) at least one week prior your interview date. This can include either an excerpt from a full-length work or a combination of shorter pieces, such as 10 minute plays or short film scripts.  While dramatic writing is preferred, you may also submit other examples of your creative writing, such as short stories, poetry, essays, etc.

Stage Management: Students interested in stage management should bring in their SM binders, copies of scripts they have worked on (with cues written in), paperwork related to the show, and any other evidence of skills related to stage management such as organization, managing/coordinating large groups of people, multitasking, and communication.

Design: For the design concentration scholarships, a one-page resume of experience in theater is required.  Students may also include experience in a related field, such as art, architecture, graphics, or photography.  Additionally, a statement of intent, even if that statement is exploratory should be provided. Other materials may include a portfolio demonstrating skills in theater (renderings, sketches, paperwork, scale drawings, production photos, etc.) and related areas (artwork, photography, drawing, drafting, computer graphics, etc.) The portfolio may be in scrapbook format. Art projects or model making could substitute or be included with the other requirements. The material should be organized into some kind of cohesive presentation, with identifying labels for references.  The interviewer will retain a copy of your resume, but will not keep your portfolio. Portfolio is for presentation purposes only.


The department of theater will make its scholarship award selections in the first week of March.  Award selections will be sent to the CWRU department of admissions. Awardees, regardless of application submission (Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision) will be notified by CWRU admissions during the second or third week of March.  The CWRU Department of Theater is not authorized to notify awardees.


For general scholarship information, and auditions/interviews for actors/directors, contact:

Professor Christopher Bohan at 216-368-6097 or christopher.bohan@case.edu

For design/technical theater portfolios/interviews, contact:

Professor Angelina Herin at 216-368-2856 or angelina.herin@case.edu