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Master of Arts in Theater

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Master of Arts students prepare for careers in the professional theater and education, or for further pursuit of graduate study.  The MA degree program is a broad-based advanced study in the literature and critical analysis of theater, with the opportunity to focus in a specialized content track of the student’s choice.


Admission Requirements: A bachelor’s degree and strong academic record (demonstrated via transcript), statement of study objectives, and three letters of recommendation (see the Graduate School website for specific procedures). There is no specific undergraduate major required, although a background in drama is helpful.

Requirements for Degree:  The MA requires 30 hours for completion with at least a 3.0 grade average at completion. The degree content includes 15 hours of required course work, 6 hours of specialized focus, and 9 hours of master’s project or thesis writing.


All MA students must take the following courses:

THTR 425: Development of Theater I (3)

THTR 426: Development of Theater II (3)

THTR 427: American Drama (3) —or— THTR 429: Modern and Contemporary Drama (3)

THTR 501: Dramatic Text Analysis (3)

THTR 509: Performance History (3)

THTR 644: MA Project/Thesis (9).  The project or thesis must be agreed upon with the student’s advisor and have the approval of the department.


Finally, students must select two courses from specific interest course tracks. The two course sequence must have the approval of the advisor/department. Examples might be (but are not limited to):

  • Directing (taking THTR 430 and 431 [6 total])
  • Dramatic Writing (taking THTR 412 and 414, or 412 and 416 [6 total])
  • Theater Studies (two courses in Theater or in another department, selected by student with consent of their advisor and the approval of the Theater graduate program, for 6 total)
  • Individualized Focus (two courses in a departmental or non-departmental sequence approved by the advisor and Department, for 6 total)


Page last modified: June 8, 2018