Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

The weeks since the death of George Floyd has been one of great anguish and reflection for many of us at CWRU: students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Finding the right thing to say at this time, something that is more than just “I’m sorry”, has not been an easy task.  As an institution, Case Western Reserve University has made a statement asserting the essential and fundamental value of the lives of all peoples of color, and a commitment to further action on these issues:

The Department of Theater wholeheartedly endorses that commitment. We know that words matter, and they are arguably the essential tool of the Theater, but we must do more than use them to assuage or salve. We must wield them to educate; to challenge; to protect. At the department-level it can be challenging to effect meaningful or rapid change, as the structural and financial tools at our disposal are not significant, but we promise to use them the best that we can. The path ahead is not going to be simple, smooth, or swift, and mistakes will be made, but we commit to working towards an equitable and inclusive world, even if we can only facilitate it—for now—in our own department.